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Do men cry to release their emotions? What do women think of men who do so? There are many people who are not sure how to communicate their emotions and so they repress them. They appear detached, distant, and cool to the point of unable to feel intense passions such as love, sadness, or joy, but really they are hurting themselves. That being said, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing that see a woman’s vulnerability as a chance to make a pass on her.

I’m a Buddhist monk of the Huayan tradition. The Huayan Sutra, or Avatamsaka Sutra in Sanskrit, was the first Sutra Buddha spoke simultaneously to all beings in myriad worlds of the universe, right after his enlightenment. I experience various types of releasing in the throat chakra area, such as crying. Through my Buddhist meditative practice, I see the nature of attachments and that emotions are attachments. By letting emotions go, we free ourselves from such attachments. However, being human means we all have emotions. Emotions like loving-kindness, compassion, and benevolence are good, while greed, jealousy, spite, vengeance, and hatred are bad.

Buddha was extremely ascetic to the point of defying Death right before His Enlightenment. He looked like a dried-up skeleton in a brown skin bag. In this Latter Day of the Dharma when true Buddha Dharma is on the decline, I see that Tantric Buddhist monks are self-indulgent people surrounded by young girls and women. And when a tantric Buddhist monk seeded a female disciple and fathered a son, the son would be like his father.

Ashley Men are human beings who should cry. I don’t judge men for needing that release. I’ve seen a lot of men cry. I wish there wasn’t a stigma attached to it.

I like men who are comfortable being emotional. It’s when we try to detach ourselves from those feelings that we create deeper issues. My boyfriend gets shamelessly misty during movies.

Leanna I tend to suppress my emotions so I don’t cry much, when I do cry I lock myself away from everyone.

Mark Here’s one thing about women regarding men crying. They believe it’s OK to cry, it’s a human thing and it is OK, but when a man does that, they don’t like him.

It’s been my experience, women do like traditional masculinity. Most women, because there’s always anomaly. You wouldn’t believe how many women like masculine men. My estimate is at least 80% of all female population.

Women, simply aren’t attracted to a man who’s mentally weaker than them, it’s in their DNA. Imagine this, you have a crybaby boyfriend, do you really consider him to be the father of your child who would protect his family in the time of danger?

Maria Nothing wrong with crying. I think there is a problem if a person doesn’t cry to release pain and emotions. The inability to form attachments, deep and meaningful relationships is a sad off spin to this.

If I see a man crying, my instinct is to hug and comfort him. This has nothing to do with like or sexual attraction. It is the human instinct to comfort someone in their time of need. One can’t have sex with everyone just because they are male.

If it was someone that I was in a relationship with or considering having a relationship, him crying would not put me off. Men are taught that it’s a sign of weakness if they cry. It maybe true some women might be put off. These type of women are generally not loving or nurturing types. Thankfully, we are not all the same.

There’s huge difference between men who cry and show their emotions and men who are that submissive. A man who is masculine but shows his emotions is not weak. He is in touch and comfortable with himself and has the ability to express hurt. This takes maturity.

斯薇 I dislike crying and emotions but I love emoji. 😂😂

Jaesun I do but hardly when it’s super emotional that it needs to be released like a volcano. And when it’s so, I will be alone and cry it out and let it out of your system.

Phi I cry, I rant, I beat, I do a lot of things. It’s like a rainbow of emotions.

JunSu Emotions are diverse and we should let them be if we feel the need. Now if we want to avoid one, we must change our way to think about the things that can make us cry, for exemple, then the emotion will disapear, or just be expressed in an other way. No need to force it. Just change you point of view.



From a CD released by Turtlehill as a Sangha in the spring of 2007 entitled VAJRA ROCK IN PRAISE OF THE LOTUS BORN – A FIRST OFFERING in GRATITUDE & ECSTATIC CELEBRATION OF THE WISDOM AND COMPASSION OF GURU PADMASAMBHVA. These are original, devotional songs presented freely as an offering for all sentient beings. Downloads are zipped and encoded in .mp3 format @ 192k. Total Download Size: 59Mb.

These twelve syllables are the heart-mantra of Padmasambhava.

HH. The Dalai Lama
HH. The Dalai Lama

The original songs can be downloaded free from Tutlehill.