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Psychiatry – An Industry of Death


Our Avatamsaka Dhyāna View of the Sentient World

Avalokiteshvara yidam

Our Avatamsaka Dhyāna View of This Sentient World
Experience the Impermanence of all actions in our everyday life.
Wake up to the fact that all thoughts and intentions are void of substance.
Be one with and listen to the harmonious unstruck sound of silence of Om in Nirvana before you breathe out your last and final breath of life.
In the never ending shifts and flows of the Dharma realms wake up and come to the inner-standing and realisation that the original nature of all causes and conditions is substantively void.
From your humble gardener Venerable Sakya M. Longyen

The Inauguration of President Donald John Trump



The Inauguration of President Donald John Trump
By House David

There is a prophetic message that can be understood
From the way the Americans react to the inauguration
Of President Obama vis-a-vis President Trump.
Ganging up against their true leader,
But welcoming the Trojan Horse.
And so the whole country is plundered,
Half the people dead.

They are spellbound by the diabolical power of Satan,
Mistaking black for white and white for black,
Unable to discern the goat from the lamb.

And so the Millennia-old story sadly repeat,
Taking Antichrist for Christ and Christ for Antichrist.
Crucify him!
Kill him!
He’s a bastard,
There’s not legitimacy
In his stand!