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The Benefit of Accepting Other Incarnations

The Benefit of Accepting Other Incarnations – a transcript of Bryan Farnum’s message 2011-4-10 segment 1

You tell me. Do you believe that there is a benefit? What do you believe? Do you believe this is our only life experience? What do you believe? For those who say this is the only life, we must be gentle to others, for they are the actors, we are the actors.  Forgive them for they do not know what they say. For they are controlled and they don’t how, why, and what, they just don’t know.

  1. What is the benefit to accept the fact that you have more than one life? To be connected to God. It means that on your gene (soul/spirit) level, you have accepted self- accountability and responsibility, that you have no revenge and that you may be partial. If you have in incarnation gene revenge, which memory comes from another life, it blocks you. You don’t want to go back to review what you may have done, so you shut them down. When you say you don’t believe in other incarnations, you’re saying that you don’t want to go back to another incarnation within the matrix and take a look at what you have done. Those who do not accept other incarnations are more likely to pass a compromised gene to their offspring. In other words make them sick, bring these horrible diseases into their offspring. Why? Because the gene says, “Ha!  There’re memories of revenge but on a conscious level, you have no idea. Subconsciously, you do.” This gene is passed forward, onward based on certain beliefs that you have aspired to throughout your many different incarnations.
  2. To accept the fact that you have had other incarnations means that you are more likely to be compassionate. It means, for example, you don’t have any revenge in your incarnation gene. You don’t have something that is saying to you, “You must fulfil your revenge either on yourself or on someone else.” That someone else could be your offspring, spouse, or anyone depending on what the spiritual contracts state and that you agreed to experience in this life. When you accept the fact that you have other incarnations, you recognise that your actions have consequences on a soul level, that you understand action and reaction, sowing and reaping. When you bring harm to others, you’re better off to go through a forgiveness process. When someone harms you, forgive them. As for those who don’t accept other incarnations, their ability to know Truth is on a heart level; their mind is impossible to know Truth. They create the perception that they can receive Truth on a heart level, but I can discern that their soul gene is compromised and is full of revenge, that you truly do not accept other incarnations, but that you only say that you do. Ninety per cent of the people in the world say that they accept there are other incarnations, it is only lip service; they really don’t. Who would be able to figure that out? There are a lot of people who claim that they are gifted and are talking about energy, but of the very few on this planet who can discern Truth, I am among three who can answer the question why. And that is very powerful. When that incarnation gene is free of that heavyweight of revenge, you are more likely to become a peacemaker, you won’t create conflict or war; you will do all you can to avoid them. Whereas on a personal level, you career, outside relationships with the government and other institutions, you will do all you can to avoid conflict. The whole idea of becoming more compassionate when you accept the fact that you have a gene that accepts other incarnations is that you don’t want to harm yourself or others. But when you say that you don’t accept other incarnations, you’re saying subconsciously that yes it is okay to harm someone else, and it is okay to harm yourself. It really means that you’re not spiritually grounded. You cannot be spiritually grounded if you do not accept this truth of having other incarnations.
  3. When you say that you accept other incarnations, you are able to accept a spiritual divine healing. That is powerful. That is why for example in the Catholic Church for someone to claim that they received a miracle, which is like once every ten years, and they put the person in for some psychological tests for the next five to ten years, but hey if you’re the Pope, and you’re getting ready to retire, you don’t go through the same scrutiny. He just puts on his rabbit hat and say, “Well, we’ve got a miracle!” “I pray for this person and he got better.” The question is how you know that it was your prayers. Maybe it was the prayers of your family members and the loved ones. Maybe it was their own prayers. But who stops to ask the question? Did that person recover in front of the Pope for example? Instantly? Was it a miraculous healing? They are the questions that you ask. But the fact is when someone is spiritually grounded, these miracles happen every day, and your relationship with the Christ, when you have that true relationship, you can pray and you get a little ache in your back, you can say, “Father forgive me for whatever I’ve done.” Usually financial issue, “Forgive me for what I’ve done in this life or another life involving money, and show me the signs, show me what I did.” Just ask. And we speak of the core issue, when you do not accept other incarnations, before you could receive a true divine healing, you need to have other life experiences and they need to be healed because one cannot love themselves completely until this memory is removed. Again, you cannot have a true relationship with God, that intimate, divine, that heat going through body relationship, the warmth, if you are not cleansed of that incarnation gene. In every case, you’re more likely to take on the role of God. And again you could pass this bad gene on to your children or someone else because the revenge is still in that gene. They are saying, “Hey, I cannot accept the fact that I have other incarnations because I must fulfil my revenge first.” And Father loves Catholics and he loves everyone, but he would like to see the world change, and become more compassionate. For this to happen, all churches and all religions must embrace the fact that we have had many other incarnations.
  4. When you do not accept other incarnations, you are more likely to be intellectually driven. This is easily observed if you are paying attention when you have bad science doing harms to others. A lot of the scientists today have that disconnect from him, that their incarnation genes are filled with bad stuff, which they don’t want to go there, and they had so much revenge on a subconscious level. This is about fear again of looking into the matrix mirror. In the mirror it is very easy. Anyone you complain about, you criticize, you judge, that is your mirror. That is the same issue that needs to be healed within you. When you denounce the fact that there is a possibility of having other incarnations, you are more likely to create back karma because there is a disconnect from your emotions. You cannot feel emotional pain when you make important decisions for others, particularly if you are a politician or world leader, a scientist, and you make these important decisions that bring harm against others, you are not able to feel emotional pain because of the disconnect.  But if you had that gene cleared you likely would not make any decisions which would bring harm, or at least you should try your best not to bring harm. Sometimes we cannot stop the math equation of God; it is something from heaven.
  5. When you do not accept other incarnations, you are saying that you are not able to forgive others. Why? Well, you have not forgiven yourselves. From what you have done in another incarnation in the matrix a pathway of different human experiences, different life experiences, between one universe and another, understanding that there is a parallel universe. When you cannot forgive, well, you know, you likely have much revenge to others and to yourself. When you inflict revenge on someone else, what you’re saying is that, “Hey, you know what? I’m prepared to come back to have that same experience.” So you start a treadmill relationship with that soul. That soul comes back and does the same thing to you; you come back and do the same thing to that soul. So treadmill, Groundhog Day. For this one who does not fully accept other incarnations cannot express complete joy; in some cases you cannot express joy at all. So when you say you do not accept other incarnations, you are saying subconsciously that you do not deserve to experience complete joy.
  6. The benefits one gains when one accepts other incarnations are that they become better leaders, whether it is a government, organisation, occult, a teacher, a parent, and politicians, whatever. Why? Why do they become better leaders? Because they are more inclined to have commonsense; because in every case, when you lack commonsense you always have revenge. United States I love this country. But hey, you’ve got to have a commonsense government. But when they are going after war, where is the commonsense? Where is it? It is revenge. So words are used today by high profile people “commonsense” and they do not understand what it means. When you are free of revenge, you are able to respect the opinions of others. You begin to care about what happens to others.
  7. When you say there are no other incarnations you pay lip service to Christ because I checked with Christ that you accept other incarnations, yes. What is man so afraid of? Their mirror. What is a preacher, a priest so afraid of? Those who claim to preach the word of God who denounce other incarnations… Hey I’ve met Christian evangelists and preachers who privately accept other incarnations but they say if we talked the truth we would lose half our membership. They are creating a lot of karma with God. They should be speaking the Truth and they should be losing their membership. Father says, “Religionists are mostly paying lip service to Christ”. If you are not able to completely love thy neighbour as thyself, or love God with all your heart, your mind and soul, if you cannot do this, if you cannot forgive unconditionally, or love, this is paying lip service to Christ. It means that your incarnation gene is compromised on some levels. It means that you are partly or fully separated from God. Father says that man and the governments of the world need to get on with the program because the healthcare cost is going through the roof, and if they embrace God, the true God, through prayer by healing these genes, a lot of these people can be healed, and the burden of expense is not passed on to the government or to the taxpayer. How have we become so foolish?
  8. Their statement that you will not accept your mirror means that you are not able to receive Truth, his Truth, because the mirror is an easy way to identify your own weaknesses so you can heal your soul by looking at the weaknesses of others and claiming those weaknesses as being yours on some level and going through the forgiveness, because you’re not able to embrace positive action, find positive solutions and embrace them to bring harmony to others and to yourself. If you ignore the mirror, you can bring illness/disease into your body because that is why those people are in front of you who cause you to be angry because it is the same issue that you are going beat yourself up in this life and bring disease. So you should thank those who really drive you crazy and when they stop driving you crazy that issue inside you has been healed and you may have prevented yourself from getting some horrible disease.
  9. You cannot truly be spiritually, divinely gifted if you do not accept other incarnations. A priest cannot be gifted.  The true God cannot work through this priest if they do not accept other incarnations for they only pay lip service to what they understand in scripture and nothing more, and to what they can read and nothing more. Divine gifts are given to bring resolutions through forgiveness by acceptance of Truth through more than one life. It is not about attacking others. It is about providing Truth to others for resolution. It is about having no power over anyone. God does not have power over anyone. This is a distortion of man that man believes that man has power over another. It is about self-accountability and self-responsibility. This is what it means to accept other incarnations. All you have to do is to make a promise to yourself to work on that incarnation gene by looking at the weaknesses of other people and asking God to forgive you for the same weaknesses that you see in others. Amen.

依世代的新派思想 E-Generation: career, fashion, life style, and philosophy

依世代的新派思想 E-Generation: career, fashion, life style, and philosophy

E世代,又名「依」世代,是现代新一代有性格的年青人的代名词。何谓E世代?E 就是 electronic 电子的, emotional 易动感情的, egocentric 自我中心的和 exigent 苛求的。 他们「依附」父母,「依附」朋友,「依」牙松扛,郁手郁脚(动手动脚),缩缩窒窒(付钱的时候吝啬),大发脾气,等人服侍,毫无礼貌以及不接受批评,这样的行为和性格,才叫做「酷」、「型」、「豪」、「潇洒」和「有性格」。



「依」世代人人手携一个第四代 iPod, iPhone, android, 人人猛「卒」(用大拇指拨动屏幕),人人都开始用大拇指「输入」,所以人人都变成「一哥」,连桌面电脑也落伍了,英女王也连声赞「好」,生活在虚拟世界里,去盲目地交友、谈恋爱、搞网上情。




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我的啾啾 My Little Pet Chick – a true story

我小时候妈妈因为女人病要补身,听人家说吃鸡仔蛋好,所以就买的许多回家。那些鸡仔蛋一般都是已经孚不出小鸡了的。有天,妈妈发现其中一只蛋好像有吱吱声 音,就留下来给我孚。我非常高兴,三四天都用双掌握着蛋蛋。白天也握着,睡觉也握着,把蛋蛋拿近耳朵去听吱吱声。直到一个早上醒来,小鸡就孚化出来了。
啾啾长得很快,因为是我孚她出来的,晚上她一定要跟我一起睡。我就让她占用了我半边床。放学回家,啾啾老远看见我回来,就从我的房间,一直跑到大门口来迎 接我,一边跑一边叫:“啾啾!啾啾!”我换了校服,啾啾就从我的肚子上爬上来亲亲我。她是用嘴巴不断的在我脸上、脖子上啄,偶尔看见我的一粒红志,就以为 可以吃的,不停地往哪里啄。
有一个下午,我们都放学回家了。一切如常我们各自做功课。啾啾就在我们的脚底穿来穿去。我的三妹子马嘉烈没留意啾啾在她的脚底下,就把自己那个装满书籍千 斤重的皮书包往地上一放!我们随即听到啾啾的惨叫声。那时候我知道做什么都太迟了。妹妹也吓得哭起来了。她掀起书包,我把啾啾轻轻的拿到我的掌心,看见她 的肚子裂开了,有些肠脏还清楚可见。
第二天,是啾啾入棺的正日。我一大清早就爬起来,先用棉纱布替她的肚子的大裂缝层层捆好,再用我最喜爱的棉手拍把啾啾的尸体裹好,然后放进透明的玻璃瓶 里,盖紧了盖。戴在身上上学去了。我家住在九龙半岛,每天上学要乘渡海小轮过香港半山区上学。我整晚没睡,就是要给啾啾安排海葬。
“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

When the elephant meets the dinosaurs

elephant meets dinosaurs
elephant meets dinosaurs

When the elephant meets the dinosaurs

Have you seen an elephant? It is really huge, like looking at a moving wall. Other small animals must be very afraid to see one. To the pussy cat, the little dog and rabbit, this huge monster is absolutely inconceivable. They would scramble for hiding as soon as they see an elephant coming. There is no way they can be friends.

However, everything is relative and always a comparison in this world. Not only is the elephant huge in size, it is also exceptionally strong. It can easily crush us to meat paste with one stamp of its feet. But looking at it from another perspective, what if the elephant meets a dinosaur?

Holy macaroni, the dinosaur must think the elephant very cute, like a live cotton stuffed doll, and very much wants to hug and kiss it, or keeps it as a darling pet for their baby dinosaurs!

So how should we look at an elephant? Should we call it a gigantic, dangerous, awe inspiring, or should we call it peace loving, pacifying, naive and pure? In fact, there is no right or wrong answers. It really depends on how you look at it.

When we relate to people, the same is true. One of my women friends is rumoured by her colleagues as being “a little too bitchy.” When the rumour is heard by her husband, he is startled. The same woman in his eyes is a tame and loving wife who will do anything he wants. She is really like an oasis in a desert to him, and she gives him and the family unlimited supports.

Why then does the same woman look so different to her husband and her colleagues? The answer is very simple. This husband of hers is even more temperamental, quick-tempered, and unpredictable than her.

In other words, to the lady’s colleagues, the woman is an elephant, but to the woman, her husband is the formidable dinosaur. That is why they are happily married.

If the elephant has never met the dinosaur, it will be the greatest among all animals; if the dinosaur has never met the elephant, it will be very lonely.

Such special relationships are known as ‘perfect matches.’ One plus one does not necessarily equal two. Pairing a handsome man with a gorgeous woman does not necessarily bring true and lasting love. On the contrary, negativity negates negativity and generates positivity. When the shrew meets the beast, we have a lasting marriage.

Our parents used to examine the dates of births of would-be couples, or resort to looking at the star formations in astrology to determine whether the couple is compatible. There is much wisdom in this ancient but dying practice.

你见过大笨象没有?哗,真的很大,相对着一堵活动的墙。其他的小动物,一定更害怕了, 对小猫、小狗、小白兔等来说,更是不可思议, 远远看见要赶快走避,根本没法做朋友。
换句话说,在同事眼中,她是“大象”级数,却不知道,他的丈夫才是更可不怖的“恐龙”, 难怪,这两个人做的成夫妻,而且多年恩爱。
要是大笨象没有遇上恐龙, 相信会威震一方,而要是恐龙没遇上大笨象,亦相信会非常寂寞。

The Life Of A Ballet Dancer 芭蕾舞蹈员的生涯

ballet dancers
ballet dancers

What is Ballet? 芭蕾舞是什么?


Ballet, pronounced /bæˈleɪ, ˈbæl eɪ/, is a highly formalized performance dance of the Italian Renaissance /rɛn əˈsɑns, -ˈzɑns, -ˈsɑ̃s, ˈrɛn əˌsɑns, -ˌzɑns, -ˌsɑ̃s; especially Brit. rɪˈneɪ səns/ courts of the 15th century. The word ballet is borrowed from French, which in turns comes from the Italian word balletto, and again from the Latin word, ballo, ballare, all of which meaning to dance, or jump about.

是十五世纪后意大利文艺复兴时期新兴的宫廷高度规范化的表演式舞蹈。芭蕾 这个字是英语从法语借来的,而法语又是从意大利语的单词 balletto 借过来,而 balletto 这个意大利文是来自拉丁文 ballo 和 ballare。总而言之,所有这些词语的含义都是舞蹈,或跳来跳去的意思。
The Ballet Dancers
Dancers have to undergo lifelong training. Most ballet dancers begin their training as young as four and continue with it until the end of their professional careers. A ballerina is a female ballet dancer whereas a ballerino is a male ballet dancer. A harlequin /ˈhɑr lə kwɪn, -kɪn/, is comic character, usually masked, dressed in multicoloured, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand.


舞者不得不接受终身培训。大多数的芭蕾舞演员三四岁就开始他们的培训,并继续直到结束自己的职业生涯为止。Ballerina 是一个女芭蕾舞演员,而 Ballerino 是男性的芭蕾舞演员。小丑的 harlequin 是个漫画人物、 通常带着面罩、 身穿五彩缤纷、菱形花纹裤袜,和携带木剑或魔术棒。

The Dance Form
Since ballet is a highly stylized dance form, it naturally has many vocabularies to describe them. An accomplished dancer must memorize all these forms by heart and practice them every day so that they may be naturally expressed and executed. For example: arabesque penchée /ˌær əˈbɛsk/pɑnˈʃeɪ/ is a form where the ballerina leans forward, because the word penchée is French meaning to lean forward.



因为芭蕾是一种高度程式化的舞蹈形式,它天生就是很多词汇来描述不同的形式和舞者的舞姿。圆美的舞蹈者必须记住所有这些形式的词汇和怎样演绎出来,而且天天要苦练,使它们可以自然地展露和执行。例如:舞姿是一个芭蕾舞演员身体向前倾的舞姿,因为法语中 penchée 是向前靠的意思。

attitude en pointe

Attitude en pointe /ˈæt ɪˌtud, -ˌtyud/ Fr. ɑ̃ / Fr. pwɛ̃t/ is the form shown in the picture below. The word pointe refers to the extreme tip of the toe. Attitude en pointe is executed with the ballerina raising her pointe towards the sky. There are hundreds of such special postures in ballet and therefore no one ballerina or ballerino can perform all of them. So they choose the postures they can perform best and practice them throughout their careers. If a ballerina can master just one posture perfectly, she will become famous. The photograph shows Natalia Dudinskaya in attitude en pointe.

是在上图中显示的舞姿。恩潘特 一词在法文的意义指的是脚趾的极端尖。演绎恩潘特舞姿,芭蕾舞演员员必须把脚尖提高朝想天空。芭蕾舞术语繁琐,所以芭蕾舞员很难都把所有体位演出来。因此没有一个芭蕾舞女演员或女演员可以演绎全部舞姿。所以他们会选择他们能演绎的最佳的姿态, 然后毕生练习,以臻化境。如果芭蕾舞员能圆美无瑕的演绎某一舞姿,她就能成名。图示纳塔利娅卡雅·度丁斯的恩潘特舞姿。