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Oneness – The Homecoming


The photograph shows the front and back of a red packet of the Avatamsaka Monastery in Taiwan and in Canada. The four Chinese characters at the front reads: Shower All with Magnificent Auspices and Peace and below those words is the Great Seal of the Avatamsaka Monastery, which transliterates as Da Hua Yen Si; the back shows the monastery’s conceptual logo and below the logo are five Chinese characters which reads from left to right: This is the Most Auspicious Abode.

The two larger Chinese characters right below also reads from left to right: Huayen, which means Flower Ornament or Adorn with Flowers.

Below the Chinese characters are our tag line: Huayen-world and The Homecoming.

The Avatamsaka Garden group on Facebook was created on the 24th of February 2017. Let us add the numbers 2+4+2+2+1+7 that make up our date; we get the number 9, which is the highest in a decimal numbering system. If you add 1 more to 9 it falls back to 1 because 0 means naught which is nothing.

Now at this moment and this moment only because it will change before you know it, let us look at the number of members we have now, the number reads 1180, which by reduction becomes 1.

Now you look at the number of new member at this very moment, we have 108 new members, which number is reduced to 9, the highest number.

When the number 1 encounters the number 9, it always return to 1.

This is proof that The Homecoming to this Garden of Life is indeed the Most Auspicious Abode because no matter where we come from,  no matter what religion or language we speak, as long as we are here in the Garden, we are One. We are one and the same. We are one with one another. We are one with God. We are one with the universal primordial energy. We are one with our original Buddha nature. We are one with the Tathāgata.

We should all be very proud that we are together in this Garden of Life!

Click here to visit the Garden of Life, the Most Auspicious Abode.