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President Vladimir Putin of Russia – Traitor of the New World Order

There are governments that uphold their own internal affairs and respect the internal affairs of other nations. There are also governments that meddle with other nations’ internal affairs. Governments that disrespect the sovereign rights of other nations and meddle with their internal affairs can be likened to troublemaking adulterers meddling with the marriage between the husband and his wife of a family, which is a very, very private matter. Governments that uphold their own internal affairs and respect the internal affairs of other nations are defenders of internationalism. Governments that meddle with the internal affairs of other nations are agents of the NWO.

There is a huge difference between governments that abide by and operate within existing well-established international laws and those that operate to create a new world government in which exists only a uniform legal system and practices. The existence of such a governmental system would mean the dismantling of all existing international legal system and practices. Under the NWO, individual governments will give up their national sovereignty as if handing their keys to the adulterers and welcoming them into their families. Unlike the internationalists, agents of the NWO do not seek to enter into bilateral or trilateral treaties or agreements with other nations for international cooperation, but rather aim to create a global economy to be controlled by a few oligarchs.

Russia, as well as China, are a traitor of the NWO, which is why we often see Russia uphold and work within existing established international law to ensure stability and security in the modern world. Russia often criticise the U.S. and other western countries for breaching international treaties and agreements such the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Like President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jianping is also adamant in criticising the U.S. in meddling with China’s internal affairs and breaching international law. Armed conflicts throughout history have always been instigated by regimes harbouring collectivist ideals. One has only to look to the deployment of arsenals of strategic weaponry by the U.S. and NATO in the Middle East and the European theatre around the Russian western border to see who is the aggressor and provocateur of international conflicts.