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The Meaning of Life

In and of Life, only this moment is true.  When the conditions that make up this very moment is gone, life becomes an illusion.  So at each and every moment, we have to live seriously; for each and every thing we do, we must do so seriously; and for each and every person we meet, we must treat them seriously because “conditions come and go and when they are gone, illusions set in and the truth is no more.”  Do not let yourself regret what is deemed to be too late.  Time passed is past, and we can only look to the future.  The most precious and the very thing we need to cherish is this very moment — Life is a serious of kSaNa (in Sanskrit (क्षण ), and the meaning of life is to make every single moment count.


The Shifting Nature

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By Venerable Sakya M. Longyen
Avatamsaka Monastery of Canada

Let’s cast a sidelong glance on the unpleasantness of or in life, still breathing; then with loving-kindness pull yourself back to the anchor of meditation, your home base, your breathing.
Take one breath at a time and ask yourself how did that breathe feel like.

Hmm! That feet so good!
Now focus about 75% of your attention on that part of your body or mind where you are feeling good and cast a sidelong glance at the unpleasant emotion or sensation that you are also feeling.

You are exploring your mind through meditation.
See that we have more positive power than the negative and the pain.
This is a healing process.
Everybody suffers in their own ways.
You’re not the only one.
Being aware, be kind to others, to your enemies, or to yourself.

Recite the following:
May I be kind to all beings, in all directions!
May the suffering suffer no more!
May the fear stricken have no fear!
May there be everlasting peace on earth!
May you and I and everyone else be happy, at ease with ourselves, and grow spiritually old together every day.

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Oneness – The Homecoming


The photograph shows the front and back of a red packet of the Avatamsaka Monastery in Taiwan and in Canada. The four Chinese characters at the front reads: Shower All with Magnificent Auspices and Peace and below those words is the Great Seal of the Avatamsaka Monastery, which transliterates as Da Hua Yen Si; the back shows the monastery’s conceptual logo and below the logo are five Chinese characters which reads from left to right: This is the Most Auspicious Abode.

The two larger Chinese characters right below also reads from left to right: Huayen, which means Flower Ornament or Adorn with Flowers.

Below the Chinese characters are our tag line: Huayen-world and The Homecoming.

The Avatamsaka Garden group on Facebook was created on the 24th of February 2017. Let us add the numbers 2+4+2+2+1+7 that make up our date; we get the number 9, which is the highest in a decimal numbering system. If you add 1 more to 9 it falls back to 1 because 0 means naught which is nothing.

Now at this moment and this moment only because it will change before you know it, let us look at the number of members we have now, the number reads 1180, which by reduction becomes 1.

Now you look at the number of new member at this very moment, we have 108 new members, which number is reduced to 9, the highest number.

When the number 1 encounters the number 9, it always return to 1.

This is proof that The Homecoming to this Garden of Life is indeed the Most Auspicious Abode because no matter where we come from,  no matter what religion or language we speak, as long as we are here in the Garden, we are One. We are one and the same. We are one with one another. We are one with God. We are one with the universal primordial energy. We are one with our original Buddha nature. We are one with the Tathāgata.

We should all be very proud that we are together in this Garden of Life!

Click here to visit the Garden of Life, the Most Auspicious Abode.

Our Only Choice 《我们只有一个选择》 回答老狼夜话问


Our Only Choice by Venerable Haiyun Jimeng. Trans. Venerable Sakya Longyen
OUR ONLY CHOICE - A New Vision For The Long-term Survival Of Humanity And The Earth by Venerable Haiyun Jimeng. Trans. Venerable Sakya Longyen

回答老狼夜话问: “现在人人利字当头,谁还会理会自然生态呢?”

我不要求别人做什么,我只能管好我自己。自然生态既然与我们息息相关,也就是说大家都是呼吸着同一空气,那是我与地球众生灵所共享的福祉,我如何能不维护它呢!所以我常常呼吁,现在必须看清楚自由市场经济和资本主义,对地球生灵(当然包括人类)和各种植物、动物、矿物资源所做成的伤害!我们必须尽快同意采取崭新的经济体系,以取代当前的、剥削的自由市场经济和资本主义经济。我们整个民主社会都被少数资本家所掌控,别以为我是个共产主义者,绝非如此。我说的崭新的经济体系是马克思列宁之徒做梦也想不出来的!世界的人民必须及早回头是岸,返璞归真,共同缔造一划时代的“灵性经济学” (Spiritual Economy)体系,以取缔基于霸权掠夺的经济成长思想!心灵经济学的中轴线:主轴即是人性,是以人性为主轴开展的实践道路,即是人道,亦即是和谐社会的建构与开展。唉!我的坏习惯就是口沫横飞!老狼贤兄如有兴趣,可参看吾师海云继梦法师和我合作的《我们只有一个选择 – 一个既能保存现有文明成就,又能推动人类与地球永续生存的新时代愿景》:释海云(Venerable Haiyun Jimeng)著、释隆严 (Venerable Sakya Longyen 即是本人)译一书,参见付图。

0 and 1

All in One in All – Preface to the first Edition

With the exception perhaps of abstract mathematicians, the differentiating ordinary human intellect is accustomed to defining things or beings as units and individuals; such being the case, it is hard for man to see there is no contradiction in the book title, and so I am I, you are you and there is no way to comprehend a circle with no center. The Avatamsaka Buddhist totally reject this individualized cosmic view. To them One includes All and All include One. Hence the title of this book All in One in All.

For example, we are accustomed to counting from 1 to 10; then in the late 60’s and early 70’s when computers first hit the consumer market, we were taught different counting methods, i.e., from 0 to 9 in decimal, from 0 to F in hexadecimal, and from 0 to 1 in the binary system of computing. Human intelligence is not unlike computer intelligence, thinking in either 0 or 1; hence the identity of the self. The computer never asks you why and how you get from 0 to 1 and programmers don’t, or don’t bother to know.

This is why with over 2500 years of western civilisation since Socrates, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and scientists still cannot explain two fundamental questions in life: 1) Why is every individual selfish? and 2) Why should every individual be good? Answers like God tells me so, or my parents tell me so will not satisfy the fundamental agnostic. The point is they don’t know why and how to get from 0 to 1 and back from 1 to 0 and that 1 and 0 are not mutually exclusive but mutually inclusive, and interpermeating without obstruction. From 0 come 1 and 0 but 0 and 1 must come from 1.

Only an enlightened being or a Buddha knows this truth and the first Sutra that Buddha Sakyamuni spoke to the bodhisattvas and devas of all universes at all times and in all places was the Mahavaipulya Buddha Avatamsaka Sutra in which the very truth that all is in one and one is in all is thoroughly expounded. As long as every man is an island and every circle has its own center, conflicts and wars will continue to plague us.

Some may preach the  Armageddon and salvation through Jesus, but Islam or other religions may preach otherwise. The Avatamsaka Buddhist do not argue with anyone for they know the answers to both questions and have been applying them to actualizing their own spiritual growth. May all readers of this book benefit from the insight of the post modern Avatamsaka Buddhist and may there be peace on Earth.

See “All in One in All – The Huayen Buddhist e-Handbook” at

0 y 1
“All in One in All” – Prefacio a la primera edición
de Akira Tomiyama, El Viernes, 11 de Febrero de 2011
Español traducido por Agustin Elizondo

Con la excepción quizá de los matemáticos abstractos, las diferentes inteligencias de la gente común están acostumbradas a definir las cosas y los seres como unidades e individuos; tal es el caso, que es difícil para el hombre el ver que no hay contradicción en el título del libro, por lo que soy, tú eres tú y no hay manera de comprender un círculo sin un centro. El budismo Avatamsaka rechaza totalmente esta visión cósmica individualizada. Para ellos Uno incluye todos y todos son uno. De ahí el título de este libro Todo en Uno en todo.

Por ejemplo, estamos acostumbrados a contar desde uno hasta diez, luego a finales de los años 60 y principios de los 70 cuando las primeras computadoras golpearon el mercado de consumo, se nos enseñó otro método de conteo, es decir, de 0 a 9 en decimal, de 0 a F en hexadecimal, y de 0 a 1 en el sistema binario de la informática. La inteligencia humana no es diferente de la inteligencia computacional por lo de la identidad del yo, pensando en 0 o 1. La computadora nunca se pregunta por qué y cómo llegar de 0 a 1 y los programadores no lo hacen, o no se molestan en saber. Del 0 viene el 1 y el 0, pero el 0 y el 1, deberán proceder del 1.

Por ello, con más de 2500 años de civilización occidental desde Sócrates, los filósofos, teólogos, psicólogos y los científicos todavía no pueden explicar dos cuestiones fundamentales en la vida: 1) ¿Por qué todas las personas son egoístas? y 2) ¿Por qué cada individuo es bueno? Respuestas como, Dios me lo dice, o mis padres me dicen , lo que no se cumple en los fundamentos agnósticos. El punto es que no sé por qué y cómo llegar de 0 a 1 y vuelta de 1 a 0 y 1 y 0 que no son mutuamente excluyentes, sino que se incluyen mutuamente.

Sólo un ser iluminado o un Buda conoce esta verdad y el Sutra del Buda Shakyamuni por primera vez habló con los bodhisattvas y los devas de todos los universos, en todo momento y en todos los lugares fue el Mahavaipulya Buda Sutra Avatamsaka en el que la misma verdad que todo está en uno y uno está en todo es expuesto completamente. Siempre y cuando cada hombre sea una isla y cada círculo tenga su propio centro, los conflictos y las guerras nos seguirán como una plaga.

Algunos pueden predicar el Armagedón y la salvación por medio de Jesús, por el Islam u otras religiones que pueden predicar lo contrario. El budista Avatamsaka no discute con nadie, porque conocen las respuestas a ambas preguntas y las han estado aplicando para actualizar su propio crecimiento espiritual. Que todos los lectores de este libro se beneficien de la visión del post-moderno budismo Avatamsaka y puedan tener paz en la Tierra.

Consulte “All in One in All” – El budista Huayen e-Manual

Our Only Choice

A new vision for the long-term survival of humanity and the Earth

Copyright © 2010 by Haiyun Jimeng 海雲繼夢著
Translated by Ven. Sakya Longyen 釋隆嚴譯

Years ago, the greenhouse effect aroused concern everywhere. Nations around the world started working vigorously on environmental protection. However, we keep pursuing economic growth while promoting environmental protection. None of us realize the main cause of world disasters is the pursuit of economic growth, a completely wrong idea. If we do not stop pursuing economic growth, environmental protection is just like a drop in the ocean and will not make any difference.

In this book, the author presented a new concept, Economy of Spirituality, to replace economic growth. In doing so, we will be able to stop exploiting the earth. We will be able to excavate inexhaustible treasures of the mind and transform fear, greed, and trouble into harmony and happiness. Implementing economy of spirituality is the only way to increase the chances for long-term survival of humankind and the earth.

Haiyun Jimeng is a thinker, scholar, speaker, and religionist. He earned a college degree in Economics, and worked for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan after graduation. He witnessed Taiwan’s economic miracle in the 80s. However, during the time of Taiwan’s economic take-off and social transformation, he saw that pursuing economic growth contradicts human nature and arouses social conflicts. He chose to resign from the ministry immediately and dedicated himself to spiritual enlightenment.

In this book, the author shows not only his wisdom but also his mercy. We sincerely hope that Our Only Choice may inspire and awake you during this chaotic age of natural and man-made disasters.

Published by Kongting Publishing Company Ltd.
3th Floor, 1180 Chung Cheng Road, Chungho, Taipei 23586 Taiwan
Tel.: 886-2-32341261
ISBN 978-986-7484-47-5
Price: USA $19.95   CDN $20.95 HK$95 NT$350

Huayen World Teachings and Meditation Methods

This is a process of total life transformation.
Not only must we establish a value-viewpoint for a beautiful human life, we must also establish a beautiful new world. This is not something that can be accomplished by one small handbook like this one!
Nevertheless, the present book is a blueprint for transforming life.
It is like a processor chip for living.
Those who get it can transform themselves from ordinary to sagely.
Those who use it can transform delusion into enlightenment.


Copyright © 2005 by Haiyun Jimeng
Part I:
Translated by :
Dr. Tony Prince, Gillianne Chen, Dennies Yeh
The Heart Square Translation Committee of Huayen World Community
Part II:
Translated by J. C. Cleary
The Heart Square Translation Committee of Huayen World Community
Published by Kongting Publishing Company Ltd.
3th Floor, 1180 Chung Cheng Road, Chungho, Taipei 235 Taiwan
Tel.: 886-2-32341261
Price: USA $12.95    CDN $15.95