Notice to Tenants of Sunset Towers Vancouver BC Canada


THE PEST CONTROL PROFESSIONAL (PCP) THAT MORE THAN A ROOF (MTR) hired to enter your units may walk away with one or more of your prized belongings.

PCP’S NAME IS PAUL.  He was hired to control the cockroaches in my unit between 9 a.m. & 12 p.m. on Friday, 8 September 2017.  Notice of Entry was given one day in advance on Thursday, as opposed to BC Housing’s five day, saying that an MTR staff person would visit my unit on Friday concurrent with the PCP’s visit.  Paul, accompanied with no MTR staff person, knocked at my door at around 9:40 a.m. Friday and worked until 10:15 a.m.  I was with him all that time during his ‘work,’ going through my belongings and commenting, “You have so many things!”  I could not follow him around because I know that cockroaches hide in dark corners behind, on top of, around, in between, and underneath everything.  So when he touched and moved my things, I let him, and sometimes even helped him.

PCP PAUL WAS ABSOLUTELY UNPROFESSIONAL: He was talking on his cell phone most of the time, i.e., whenever it rang, but only the last incoming call was actually work related.  In my opinion, when someone in the service industry is serving a client and talking on the phone simultaneously most of the time while he/she/they are supposed to be serving you, I would rate them a zero for people’s skills, courtesy, and professionalism, and for these reasons, they should be fired.  I hang my clothes up to dry on a long bamboo affixed to the ceiling because the dryers in the Haro Building had, at the time in general, their wires unplugged to have their wiring changed, and everyone likes to do laundry at the same time.  Paul knocked down the ceiling bamboo to give himself cover so that he could steal and he did steal the original packaging of my SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 (SAMSUNG CURRENT FLAGSHIP) with all its contents save for the phone and a micro USB, obviously thinking there was the phone inside. I purchased that phone on 23 August 2017 FROM FREEDOM MOBILE ON ROBSON.  Without the original packaging, I cannot open the SIM card and micro-SD Card housing, uptrade/upgrade/resale my GALAXY S8 when it becomes obsolete and I assure you it will because we live in a world of planned obsolescence.

MORE THAN A ROOF SHOULD HAVE VETTED ALL THEIR CONTRACTORS BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO ENTER OUR UNITS:  Be especially vigilant of Paul.  He is a tall man of dark skin.  Adam has filed a report with Management about Paul talking on the phone the whole time he was work at Adam’s unit, also with cockroach infestation. DO NOT LET PCP PAUL INTO YOUR UNIT.  Ask MTR Management for a different PCP from a new contractor.  Write a written appeal so that everything is committed into their records.  Talks will not work.

When I called the after-hours Emergency number, the MTR night manager said I would have to wait until Monday when the Office opens, well you know, for 30 long minutes. So I called the Police and had the incident filed.

HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY! Akira M. Tomiyama 1510H Sunday, 10 September 2017


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