The Shifting Nature

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By Venerable Sakya M. Longyen
Avatamsaka Monastery of Canada

Let’s cast a sidelong glance on the unpleasantness of or in life, still breathing; then with loving-kindness pull yourself back to the anchor of meditation, your home base, your breathing.
Take one breath at a time and ask yourself how did that breathe feel like.

Hmm! That feet so good!
Now focus about 75% of your attention on that part of your body or mind where you are feeling good and cast a sidelong glance at the unpleasant emotion or sensation that you are also feeling.

You are exploring your mind through meditation.
See that we have more positive power than the negative and the pain.
This is a healing process.
Everybody suffers in their own ways.
You’re not the only one.
Being aware, be kind to others, to your enemies, or to yourself.

Recite the following:
May I be kind to all beings, in all directions!
May the suffering suffer no more!
May the fear stricken have no fear!
May there be everlasting peace on earth!
May you and I and everyone else be happy, at ease with ourselves, and grow spiritually old together every day.

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