When the elephant meets the dinosaurs


When the elephant meets the dinosaurs

Have you seen an elephant? It is really huge, like looking at a moving wall. Other small animals must be very afraid to see one. To the pussy cat, the little dog and rabbit, this huge monster is absolutely inconceivable. They would scramble for hiding as soon as they see an elephant coming. There is no way they can be friends.

However, everything is relative and always a comparison in this world. Not only is the elephant huge in size, it is also exceptionally strong. It can easily crush us to meat paste with one stamp of its feet. But looking at it from another perspective, what if the elephant meets a dinosaur?

Holy macaroni, the dinosaur must think the elephant very cute, like a live cotton stuffed doll, and very much wants to hug and kiss it, or keeps it as a darling pet for their baby dinosaurs!

So how should we look at an elephant? Should we call it a gigantic, dangerous, awe inspiring, or should we call it peace loving, pacifying, naive and pure? In fact, there is no right or wrong answers. It really depends on how you look at it.

When we relate to people, the same is true. One of my women friends is rumoured by her colleagues as being “a little too bitchy.” When the rumour is heard by her husband, he is startled. The same woman in his eyes is a tame and loving wife who will do anything he wants. She is really like an oasis in a desert to him, and she gives him and the family unlimited supports.

Why then is the same woman looks so different to her husband and her colleagues? The answer is very simple. This husband of hers is even more emotional, quick-tempered and unpredictable than her.

In other words, to the lady’s colleagues, the woman is an elephant, but to the woman, her husband is the formidable dinosaur. That is why they are happily married.

If the elephant has never met the dinosaur, it will be the greatest among all animals; if the dinosaur has never met the elephant, it will be very lonely.

Such special relationships are known as ‘perfect matches.’ One plus one does not necessarily equal two. Pairing a handsome man with a gorgeous woman does not necessarily bring true and lasting love. On the contrary, negativity negates negativity and generates positivity. When the shrew meets the beast, we have a lasting marriage.

Our parents used to examine the dates of births of would-be couples, or resort to looking at the stars combinations in astrology to determine whether the couple is compatible. There is much wisdom in this ancient but dying practice.

你见过大笨象没有?哗,真的很大,相对着一堵活动的墙。其他的小动物,一定更害怕了, 对小猫、小狗、小白兔等来说,更是不可思议, 远远看见要赶快走避,根本没法做朋友。
换句话说,在同事眼中,她是“大象”级数,却不知道,他的丈夫才是更可不怖的“恐龙”, 难怪,这两个人做的成夫妻,而且多年恩爱。
要是大笨象没有遇上恐龙, 相信会威震一方,而要是恐龙没遇上大笨象,亦相信会非常寂寞。


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