Meet the Devil himself.

Prescott Bush was the father of George H. W. Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush. Prescott Bush was the founder of the CIA and the founding member of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC), a banking corporation in the US. UBC’s assets were seized by the United States government on October 20, 1942 during World War II under the U.S. Trading with the Enemy Act.

Together with W. Averell Harriman of Union Banking Corporation, Woodrow Wilson’s Right Hand Colonel Edward Mandell House, John D. Rockefeller the founder of Standard Oil, banker J. P. Morgan, bankster Paul Warberg, and all the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, they are the concentrated powers of the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR), which still exists as the Inner Society of Cecil Rose, 4000 members strong, and is the De Facto Secret Government of the United States. The CFR’s mandate is to destroy the US and all other sovereign states and, together with the directors of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the players of the Copenhagen Climate Fund, and the Interpol, establish a NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) in which the people are the enemy. The NWO is a criminal elite who plots against people of Christian Identity, Sovereign Citizens, States Rights Advocates, people who are Anti-Immigration, people who are Opposed to the Federal Reserve, people who support Constitutional or Libertarian material, Ronald Paul Supporters, and people who display Anti-Government Bumper Stickers. Technological advancement has given this Evil Elite to use Radio Frequency Microchip Implants (RF Chips) to identify and further control citizens for security measures. Other examples of this Evil Elite group are the Scull and Bones Society of Yale University and the all male Bohemian Club of San Francisco where members hold secret annual meetings at the Bohemian Grove, the site where the Atomic Bombs were discussed.

Power players of the WWII idealised a form of collectivism under different names and flavours. The NWO is represented in the US as the CFR, in the UK as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in Germany as National-Socialist German Workers’ Party, in Italy as Mussolini’s Fasci di Combattimento, in China as Maoism, and in USSR as Stalinism. Contrary to the claims that Prescott Bush’s involvement with UBC was purely commercial and he was not a Nazi sympathizer, it is reasonable to see that both Bush and Hitler shared the same sentiments towards collectivism. According to Ronald Paul, Author, Physician, and Former Politician (R. Texas), Bush actually helped groom Hitler into the man he was. Do not be alarmed if you find out that even Osama Bin Laden was trained by the CIA and protected by the FBI.

Capitalism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Leftism, and Rightism are all variants of Collectivism. Collectivism is the direct opposite of Individualism, which is the foundation of Democracy. Clearly, the NWO’s sole purpose of existence is to destroy Democracy using its military industrial complex and replace it with a One World Dictatorship in order to dominate humanity. Does the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Theme One China, One Dream, One World ring any bell?

The sequence of events before and after the WWII have led to the formation of the following organisations:


If the NEW WORLD ORDER is not the Devil himself, who is?

As Jason Bermas so eloquently put it, “The insanity is that we have allowed and interwoven an elite criminal class to rule over us while posing as the saviours of the planet. We have learned they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and are not accountable for their crimes. They prey on the system rather than protect it. This is not a new world order of peace and prosperity. It is not a world government to save the earth. During difficult times, we must remain ever vigilant against seemingly possible solutions imposed to suit their aims. We are threatened by a predator superclass that control the flow of information and hide technology from the public. It is time to put down the remote control, to turn off your X-Box, and start paying attention. It is time to step away from everyday luxuries and pop culture, and take action against the maledict concentrated evil in order to save what is left of humanity. We must now trade in our apathy for action in order to defeat this Invisible Empire.”


Maria: Yes there are most definitely very sinister evil undercurrents in our world. I heard many years ago from enlightened ones in Greece and USA of what was happening and what is to come. Vile horrid creatures control us all. Psychopaths. How to stop it? There’s a difficult question. What’s the answer when this evil is so deeply ingrained and interwoven into the fabric of society?

Akira: Read the last paragraph of the revised edition.

Maria: Akira how exactly? When people are murdered, falsely accused of things they didn’t do, oppressed everyday? The roots run deep. Chop off the head, two more grow back.

Akira: Maria fear no fear, but stay vigilant in order not be deceived. Share this information with young people of your age. Take interest in what is happening around the world to educate yourself, for only knowledge will illuminate you along your path.

Maria: Akira raising awareness is very important but it is not enough.

Akira: Maria, we are fighting a war against deception, so awareness is our light sabre, our most formidable weapon. Spread your awareness to all those around you, and most importantly, to the young generation. Like the Devil deceiver who will stop at nothing to destroy us, we too must stop at nothing to join forces with those who are like-minded, knowing all too clearly that we all share the common goals. We must never lose hope and faith, but place ourselves in the hands of Jesus to deliver us from evil.

Maria: Akira I’m not sure who will deliver us from evil anymore. Jesus was not the only one, for sure there are many. The deceptions are also many. Let the Creator help us all.


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