Free Enterprise Capitalist and Monopoly Capitalist

Free Enterprise Capitalist and Monopoly Capitalist

The bottom line is some of the most totalitarian regimes in history have been funded by people of great wealth, people who we used to think of as capitalists, and sometimes still call them capitalists. Why? Because they have great wealth and what we don’t realise is just having great wealth is not the real issue here. It’s what you do with that wealth and how did you acquire that wealth.

A free enterprise capitalist would be one who acquires his wealth through competition and free enterprise and producing products and services at a better quality and a lower cost.

A monopoly capitalist would be one who acquires his wealth by purchasing the loyalty of politicians and the passing of certain laws to throw the weight of government in his favour and to put obstacles in the way of his competition.

So there are two kinds of capitalists if you are going to use that word and we have to be very clear . The capitalists we are talking about that supported the totalitarian regimes and not free enterprise capitalists. They are monopoly capitalists and they believe in the concept of collectivism.


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