The Singing Christmas Tree 2016

The Singing Christmas Tree 2016 at Broadway Church Vancouver


Imagine a hundred people stacked up 60 feet tall on one another and not only must they stand motionless for 90 plus minutes but also sing to the vivacious music and dance sequence on the stage below to an audience of a thousand plus people. That was the 49th Annual Singing Christmas Tree of the Broadway Church Vancouver on 10 December 2016.

Two days before the presentation, I hadn’t the slightest clue what a singing Christmas tree was. However, thanks to the benevolence of the Kettle Society and their sponsors providing me with the complimentary tickets, my son Dustin and I had the experience of a lifetime.

The Singing Christmas Tree presentation was not just about coming together and singing carols. There was interactive spiritual exchange between performing artists, musicians, singers and dancers and the audience.

The highlight of the presentation had to be our dearest Canadian, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medallist and Solo Bluegrass artist violinist, Rosemary Siemens’s violin and dance performance. I was thrilled to listen to her mesmerising musical wand beating to the rhythm of her Stradivarius, the one she used to bring wonders to her performances at the Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican and on four different occasions at Carnegie Hall.

The theatrical presentation of The Case of the Christmas Caper in Cache Creek was also commendable. Not only was the play entertaining but also the story and prayer of the marshmallow tree could have given new life to many spiritually lost souls.


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