Month: April 2015

Tathagata Dancing

Tathagata Dancing

By Akira Tomiyama


Today I picked a flower
In Avatamsaka Garden:
I held it in my hand
And saw the universe blossom!

From a dew drop on a petal
Cintamani gems reflect,
I lost myself counting,
Tathagata dancing
On all the petals wet!

I looked up to ponder
Upon this very flower;
I looked down to wonder:
How many of them are here?

The flowers told their tales:
We too, know not ourselves!
The petals said the same:
Tathagata dance, a game!


All that I could imagine,
All that I could create,
All that I could paint,
All that I could touch…
Weaving my life, a dream!

All that I could trace,
In grateful heart embrace,
A blade of grass, a tree,
A sprinkle of dust, a snowflake,
Tathagata’s divine grace!

All the states within,
All the states without…
Ineffably encompass
Ineffable universe,
Each on its own flower
Tathagata’s dancing
Upon the light
Of petals dewy bright!