Negative thoughts: where do they go?

Negative thoughts: where do they go?

Whenever we have a negative thought, it is negative energy that goes directly to the Sun. The Sun acts as a receiver for all the negative thoughts of mankind. The Sun collects all negative thoughts and transmits them to the Moon. The Sun is therefore also a transmitter of our negative thoughts. The Moon filters out our negative thoughts during each lunar eclipse and dumps them outside the universe for further filtering.

Our thoughts are energy and our negative thoughts are negative energy. Whenever we have negative thoughts, such as jealousy, hatred, anger, vengeance, greed, stupidity, vanity, covetousness, unforgiving thoughts, and so on, we exert negative energy in the forms of photons that are sent directly to the Sun for filtering. They are photons and so travel at the speed of light to the Sun. Beam me up, Scottie!

This receiver/transmitter function of the Sun is why on a sunny day you feel positive and on a cloudy or rainy day you feel less positive and more inert and tired. When your negative thoughts are not filtered completely, they are stored in your soul and they will harm you eventually. When you sleep, negative as well as positive thoughts are transferred to and stored in your soul. Therefore, don’t go to sleep with your mind full of negative thoughts.

In conclusion, as soon as you have negative thoughts, as soon as you feel depressed, it is extremely important that you dump them to the Sun. Go to the beach and take a sun bath. In all cases, be alone, get grounded and stay away from all negative things and people. Then quietly say to the Lord that you forgive yourself 100 per cent of all your negative thoughts and sincerely ask God for forgiveness.


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