The Benefit of Accepting Other Incarnations

The Benefit of Accepting Other Incarnations

You tell me. Do you believe that there is a benefit? What do you believe? Do you believe this is our only life experience? What do you believe? For those who say this is the only life, we must be gentle to others, for they are the actors, we are the actors.  Forgive them for they do not know what they say. For they are controlled and they don’t how, why, and what, they just don’t know.

  1. What is the benefit to accept the fact that you have more than one life? To be connected to God. It means that on your gene (soul/spirit) level, you have accepted self- accountability and responsibility, that you have no revenge and that you may be partial. If you have in incarnation gene revenge, which memory comes from another life, it blocks you. You don’t want to go back to review what you may have done, so you shut them down. When you say you don’t believe in other incarnations, you’re saying that you don’t want to go back to another incarnation within the matrix and take a look at what you have done. Those who do not accept other incarnations are more likely to pass a compromised gene to their offspring. In other words make them sick, bring these horrible diseases into their offspring. Why? Because the gene says, “Ha!  There’re memories of revenge but on a conscious level, you have no idea. Subconsciously, you do.” This gene is passed forward, onward based on certain beliefs that you have aspired to throughout your many different incarnations.
  2. To accept the fact that you have had other incarnations means that you are more likely to be compassionate. It means, for example, you don’t have any revenge in your incarnation gene. You don’t have something that is saying to you, “You must fulfil your revenge either on yourself or on someone else.” That someone else could be your offspring, spouse, or anyone depending on what the spiritual contracts state and that you agreed to experience in this life. When you accept the fact that you have other incarnations, you recognise that your actions have consequences on a soul level, that you understand action and reaction, sowing and reaping. When you bring harm to others, you’re better off to go through a forgiveness process. When someone harms you, forgive them. As for those who don’t accept other incarnations, their ability to know Truth is on a heart level; their mind is impossible to know Truth. They create the perception that they can receive Truth on a heart level, but I can discern that their soul gene is compromised and is full of revenge, that you truly do not accept other incarnations,  but that you only say that you do.  Ninety per cent of the people in the world say that they accept there are other incarnations, it is only lip service; they really don’t. Who would be able to figure that out? There are a lot of people who claim that they are gifted and are talking about energy, but of the very few on this planet who can discern Truth, I am among three who can answer the question why. And that is very powerful. When that incarnation gene is free of that heavyweight of revenge, you are more likely to become a peacemaker, you won’t create conflict or war; you will do all you can to avoid them. Whereas on a personal level, you career, outside relationships with the government and other institutions, you will do all you can to avoid conflict. The whole idea of becoming more compassionate when you accept the fact that you have a gene that accepts other incarnations is that you don’t want to harm yourself or others. But when you say that you don’t accept other incarnations, you’re saying subconsciously that yes it is okay to harm someone else, and it is okay to harm yourself. It really means that you’re not spiritually grounded. You cannot be spiritually grounded if you do not accept this truth of having other incarnations.
  3. When you say that you accept other incarnations, you are able to accept a spiritual divine healing. That is powerful. That is why for example in the Catholic Church for someone to claim that they received a miracle, which is like once every ten years, and they put the person in for some psychological tests for the next five to ten years, but hey if you’re the Pope, and you’re getting ready to retire, you don’t go through the same scrutiny. He just puts on his rabbit hat and say, “Well, we’ve got a miracle!” I pray for this person and he got better. The question is how you know that it was your prayers. Maybe it was the prayers of your family members and the loved ones. Maybe it was their own prayers. But who stops to ask the question? Did that person recover in front of the Pope for example? Instantly? Was it a miraculous healing? They are the questions that you ask. But the fact is when someone is spiritually grounded, these miracles happen every day, and your relationship with the Christ, when you have that true relationship, you can pray and you get a little ache in your back, you can say, “Father forgive me for whatever I’ve done.” Usually financial issue, “Forgive me for what I’ve done in this life or another life involving money, and show me the signs, show me what I did.” Just ask. And we speak of the core issue, when you do not accept other incarnations, before you could receive a true divine healing, you need to have other life experiences and they need to be healed because one cannot love themselves completely until this memory is removed. Again, you cannot have a true relationship with God, that intimate, divine, that heat going through body relationship, the warmth, if you are not cleansed of that incarnation gene. In every case, you’re more likely to take on the role of God. And again you could pass this bad gene on to your children or someone else because the revenge is still in that gene. They are say, “Hey, I cannot accept the fact that I have other incarnations because I must fulfil my revenge first.” And Father loves Catholics and he loves everyone, but he would like to see the world change, and become more compassionate. For this to happen, all churches and all religions must embrace the fact that we have had many other incarnations.
  4. When you do not accept other incarnations, you are more likely to be intellectually driven. This is easily observed if you are paying attention when you have bad science doing harms to others. A lot of the scientists today have that disconnect from him, that their incarnation genes are filled with bad stuff, which they don’t want to go there, and they had so much revenge on a subconscious level. This is about fear again of looking into the matrix mirror. In the mirror it is very easy. Anyone you complain about, you criticize, you judge, that is your mirror. That is the same issue that needs to be healed within you. When you denounce the fact that there is a possibility of having other incarnations, you are more likely to create back karma because there is a disconnect from your emotions. You cannot feel emotional pain when you make important decisions for others, particularly if you are a politician or world leader, a scientist, and you make these important decisions that bring harm against others, you are not able to feel emotional pain because of the disconnect.  But if you had that gene cleared you likely would not make any decisions which would bring harm, at least you should try your best not to bring harm. Sometimes we cannot stop the math equation of God; it is something from heaven.

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