The Magic Number

Of all the numbers in the Arabic system the number 9 is a very special number, and there are 9 points.

  1. 9 is the highest number. Although we are used to counting from 1 to 10, the computer begins counting from 0 and goes up to 9 in the decimal system by convention.
  2. 9 is the highest number and is associated with utmost respect in China. All kings/emperors in China use the number 9 to represent their superior status, subject only to heaven.
  3. In the Book of Changes, the I Ching, 9 is the highest and the most superior. It symbolizes the male principle.
  4. 9 is the highest number in a decimal system.
  5. All multiples of 9 are made up of numbers that also can be summed up to 9. For example, 2×9=18=1+8=9; 3×9=27=2+7=9; 9×9=81=8+1=9; 12×9=108=1+0+8=9.
  6. 9 is the link between the decimal and the binary systems of numbering. For example, 9+1=10=ten (decimal) or two (binary).
  7. 9 to the power 2 equals 9 = the sum of 1 and 8 equals 18.
  8. 9 to the power 3 equals 9 = the sum of 2 and 7 and 9 equals 729.
  9. Buddhas and Hindu Yogis beads for monks are each made up of 108 beads equals 9.

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