The Chicken Or The Egg

You may have heard this many times. Which one comes first? The chicken or the egg? What do you believe? Which comes first doesn’t matter much to me as long as we have both. We want to have a hen that lays eggs and eggs that hatch chicken.

Today, I’m asking another question. Who comes first? Man or woman? The Bible says that God created Adam first. It also says that God created Adam in his image. This is meant metaphorically. God is both male and female principles, Yin and Yang. In fact, God is the origin of all things. Nothing exist before God. In Taoism, this is expressed as “from nothing arises the origin and from the origin arise Yin and Yang’. So God the Father and Mother created Adam in their own image. He put Adam in the Garden of Eden but Adam needed a companion for he was lonely. The compassionate and loving God created Eve from Adam. He took the last rib from his left rib cage to make Eve. Therefore, in the beginning man came before woman. But does that mean men are therefore more important than women? No.
Men cannot exist without women. Women is the source of strength for men. They complement each other and therefore should love each other.


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