Ethnic Crimes 种族犯罪

Ethnic crimes are committed mainly for cultural and religious reasons.  They are ethnic because of their indigenous, cultural or ethnic roots.  Ethnicity can run deep in the peoples of a particular country and can come with a long history.  Inferiority complex may also play a dominant role in bringing about ethnic crimes. For examples, some cultures or religions believe that women are inferior to men or that the wives must give birth to a son or sons for their superior husbands. Otherwise the man is dishonoured and the wife will be severely punished.  In extreme cases, the female infants will be killed. Some religions believe the people must not disobey their clergy.  People should be subservient to their clergy or die.  This is the real cause of hate crimes in those cultures. Such crimes are all based on false beliefs and must be eradicated before the peoples shall reconcile their differences and enjoy long lasting peace.

To sum up, ethnic crimes are either cultural or religious or both.  If your culture or religion causes you to hold such false beliefs, let us pray that you shall be free from their shackles. By willingly giving your power away, you are not helping humankind to attain lasting peace and love. Do not allow yourself to be in bondage. Wake up!
Translator: Zanghuayin
Editor: Akira Tomiyama

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