Caya is an acronym for “come as you are”, meaning be yourself. By being yourself, you put something wonderful into this world that wasn’t there before. Caya means that you don’t have to put on makeup to feel confident. Caya means you don’t have to lose weight to look good. Just come as you are, like on the first day when you were born. Caya is to take each moment of your life and live it as is. Caya is to be able to forgive and love yourself and others unconditionally as the Father would forgive and love you. – Akira Tomiyama

Caya的全称是“come as you are”,意思是做你自己。通过做你自己,你带给世界从未有过的精彩。做回你自己意味着你不必化妆而感到自信。做回你自己也意味着你不必减肥而看起来很好看。恰恰是做回你自己,就象你出生的头一天。做回你自己就是使生命的每时每刻生活在它原来的样子里。做回你自己能够象父亲宽恕和爱你自己一样豪无条件地去宽恕和爱自己和他人。


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