Pour Toi – Pourras Tu Jamais Me Pardonner? For You – Could you ever forgive me?

Talk about a girl:

Her Soul, her eyes, her curls;

Talk about a boy:

His armour, his cars, his toys;

Together we’ll soar the spacious sky,

Riding rainbows to sail the seven seas,

Wiggling away the sunset ‘neath our toes,

Sharing secrets between you and me.

Talk about the things you’d love to do;

Talk about how our dreams come true;

Write a poem about my love for you;

Sing a song about a love so true.

I’ll comfort you in times of sorrow;

I’ll cheer you up when you feel low;

I’d take your place when you’re in pain;

I’ll stand by you come shine or rain.

Now, what would call this, my love?

Well, we’ll talk about it in heavens above.

Dedicated to   Miss Ivy Yuen Ling  Chung

World Poetry Movement 2011 semi-finalist

Copyright Akira Tomiyama


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