Shat Kriyas in Yoga Therapy 瑜伽调身术

Shat Kriyas in Yoga Theraphy

Shat Kriyas in Yoga Theraphy

Shat Kriyas in Yoga Therapy
In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian therapeutic medicine, shat kriyas are the six cleansing processes through the nine openings of the body. It is simple and patient can do it himself. It is therefore inexpensive. These shat kriyas are neti, dhauti, basti, kapalbhati, tratak and nauli.
1. Neti: Jal neti, sutra neti remove cough and other impurities of nose, sinus and the head.
2. Dhauti: Vastra dhauti removes cough and pitta from the stomach. Varisarsa dhauti cleans the whole digestive system from mouth to anus. Karnrandra dhauti cleans the ears.
3. Basti: Basti removes vata (vayu and sticky solid waste from the big intestines. For gas, sneha basti and for quatha (herbal) basti are recommended.
4. Kapalbhati: Kapalbhati removes impurities of lungs and forehead. It has the effect of actively moving metabolic wastes from the tissues into the lungs, where they are volatilized and expelled by the lungs.
5. Tratak: Tratak cleans the eyes. This is done by constant gazing at particular point until tears come out.
6. Nauli (recti control): Nauli is for massage of abdominal organs and toning up of the liver, pancreas for secretion of digestive enzymes. It also strengthens abdominal muscles.
Photos of a monk performing sutra neti are shown here.


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