Wisdom Mudra

The morning sun was shining gently on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia. My heart was filled with warmth and gratitude while I practiced my daily walking meditation. I am the sun, I am the singing birds, I am the ocean, I am the woods, I am the mountains — yes, I am the Universe, and the Universe is me. This awareness first awakened in me at a Yoga Teachers Training Retreat in India in 2010, and from that moment on I’ve never looked back, moving ever forward on the transformational path of Buddhist thought.

In present day, Buddhism is often taught in two forms: religious Buddhism and philosophical Buddhism. The Buddha’s teachings are followed by many people who do not consider themselves religious, and who are not necessarily trained as priests. The Buddhist principles for living a healthy and happy life are practical and applicable to every detail of daily existence. These principles include basic knowledge of meditation and spirituality to provide guidance and support to anyone interested in walking a conscious path.

The essential nature of life is compassion, which can be cultivated and disseminated by every single living being in his or her life. People who cultivate compassion have been known to have been awakened, moved and transformed. As a student of mine said, “I am not the kind of person who believes things easily or because others do. I have to see things and experience them myself. Now, I’ve done just that, and I’m absolutely convinced.”

Seeing and reading, while valuable, is like counting the treasure of another. Come to experience your own essential being, and become the treasure.

早晨明媚的阳光轻轻照在不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华英国海湾,我的心充满了温暖和感激,练习着每天的行禅。我是阳光,我是鸟鸣,我是海洋,我的森林,我是山- 是的,我是宇宙,宇宙就是我。这种意识第一次唤醒了我是2010年在印度的一个瑜伽教师训练营,由那一刻起,我从来没有回头,并且在佛教思想的道路上不断 转化和前进。





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