Natures Law of Reaping What You Sowed

Pigs awaiting quarantine, South Korea, Ansung
Large hole off pig farm in South Korea Ansung


South Korea Buries 1.4 Million Pigs Alive
South Korean quarantine officers throw live piglets into hole in Ansung
South Korean quarantine officers throw live piglets into hole in Ansung

Dustin Á’ Hjz
March 4, 2011
Killing Millions of live sentient beings is the equivalent of genocide. Could have put them to sleep gently or seek other options such as VACCINATIONS.

“They did it because they didn’t want to pay for euthanasia drugs.”

But no, humans are greedy and selfish, and when a problem threatens the very well being of these selfish individuals, their quickest response is to KILL in the most cost efficient manner without due care. Animals are stricken with diseases that AFFECT humans for a reason. It is natures way of saying, you can no longer eat our diseased flesh. If such event does disturb you, consider removing pork from your diet or a simple reduction of intake in pork/flesh. You will save millions(people) in the future by balancing the world food crisis, REDUCE risk of HEART DISEASE, CANCER and INFLAMMATORY type illnesses in your own body.

For those who do not care, please continue to enjoy your life as a consumer of sentient beings for as long as your body allows.

Happy Healthy Living to you all.

p.s. no racist/racial comments. Being Korean / Asian has nothing to do with this. We are all human.

D’Hym (Akira Tomiyama)
March 4, 2011
Oh boy! Bad karma big time, really bad commonly shared karma! The mass murderers will definitely have to pay back their indebtedness to the pigs. Just wait and see.

Yes, Euthanyl is expensive and must be administered individually by lethal injection. So the Korean health authority resorted to mass live burial, which is excruciatingly painful for the packed struggling animals to suffocate and die, for it could take up to 20 minutes. O Sentient Beings I Weep For Thee!

But you know what, by so doing, the mass murderers (yes murderers) will have incurred a commonly shared debt for the entirely South Korean population and will definitely have to pay back when they come back the next around!

During payback time, the former murderers will reincarnate into swine themselves. They will be butchered, eaten by their own people (this time by their former victimized pigs in human form) and when their debts are not paid in full (because many innocent pigs were uninfected animals with no Foot to Mouth Disease), these reincarnated pigs will develop FMD themselves.

Venerable M. Sakya Longyen
Huayen On Indra’s Net
4 March 2011


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