Ehipassiko – come and see

Dependent Origination is the teaching which makes the Lord Buddha’s path unique among all other types of meditation. It is the doctrine of arising and ceasing of phenomena. Lord Buddha says, “He who sees Dependent Origination sees the Dhamma, he who sees the Dhamma sees Dependent Origination.” [Middle Length Sayings [Majjhima Nikaaya] Sutta 28 section 38] This means seeing and realizing all of the “Four Noble Truths of Suffering, of the Origin of Suffering, of the Cessation of Suffering, and of the Path Leading the Way Out of Suffering.”

There is another interesting sutta about seeing of the Four Noble Truths, found in the Digha Nikaaya Sutta number 16, section 5.27. From this section of the sutta, one concludes that the way to attain enlightenment is by following the Eightfold Path and realizing the Noble Truths. It says:

5.27 In whatever Dhamma and Discipline the Noble Eightfold Path is not found, no ascetic is found of the first grade (meaning a sotaapanna), second grade (meaning sakadaagaami), thirdgrade (meaning anaagaami), or fourth grade (meaning an arahat). But such ascetics can be found, of the first, second, third, and fourth grade in a Dhamma and Discipline where the Noble Eightfold Path is found. Now, Subhaadda, in this Dhamma and Discipline the Noble Eightfold Path is found, and in it are to be found ascetics of the first, second, third and fourth grade. Those other schools are devoid of [true] ascetics; but if in this one the Bhikkhus were to live to perfection, the world would not lack for Arahats.”

Sakya Longyen
Huayen on Indra’s Net


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