My Perfect Soul Mate

My Perfect Soul Mate

I may stumble as I talk if you look too pretty before me. Don’t be shy if I stare too long into your eyes to search your soul for that sparkle of love to connect us.

Perfect Match

If you can appreciate the beauty of a single flower, if you’re vegetarian, like Korean, Chinese, or Japanese food, enjoy a foreign film or a  sitcom drama even if you don’t understand the language, if you don’t racial profile, if you like Stanley Park, English Bay, and Robson street, if you love mother earth, care about the environment, understand social and spiritual ecology, don’t mind taking public transport, sort out your garbage and recycle your empties, I know this is too much, but hey, who’s perfect!

Ideal date

Just to meet up and get to know each other really well. Meeting can be anywhere and casual. An afternoon at a nearby Starbucks, read you my poetry at sunset on the beach, lie staring at distant stars on the grass on a silver moonlit night, together we’ll do yoga, hear Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, take a foot bath, but if you like fancy candlelight dinners on the rotunda, I’ll go for it.


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