Repentance 悔过先罪


悔過先罪 維那起腔,大眾合

Confession of Past Wrongs (Karmadana gives the cue to begin incantation, all sing in unison)

Di zi [SAY YOUR DHARMA NAME HERE] kuang jie yu mi, zhi yu jin ri,

弟子OO  曠劫愚迷  至于今日

I, [SAY YOUR DHARMA NAME HERE] was lost in delusion for eons,

yu di yi yi, bu ming liao gu,

於第一義  不明了故

and because I did not understand the Primal Principle,

sheng zhu zhang men, fan nao suo zhi,

生諸障門  煩惱所知

I was hindered by vexations and close-mindedness.

Mi shi mi li, chu jing qi ye,

迷事迷理  觸境起業

I was confused about phenomena and noumena.

Sui yuan zao qian, shen qi san zhi,

隨緣造愆  身起三支

I committed wrongs as circumstances arose, using my body to kill, steal, and indulge in illicit sex,

kou fan si guo,  yi san ye xing,

口犯四過  意三業行

my tongue to lie, slander, deceive, and utter unprofitable words, and  my mind to covet, hate, and delude.

zhuan zhuan yu shen, ru sha ru chen,

轉轉逾深  如沙如塵

With each act I committed, I fell deeper and deeper, and I repeated those acts countless times, like sand and dust.

qi shu wu liang, bu jue shen qie,

其數無量  不覺身篋

I did not realize that my body contained,

sheng si du she, wu zhan tuo luo,

盛四毒蛇  五旃陀羅

Four poisonous snakes, five candelas,

Liu ru kong ju, shou zha qin shan,

六入空聚 受詐親善

And six sense organs. With false pretenses I befriended the good,

zhong duo e yuan, qu chi shi xin,

眾多惡緣  驅馳識心

And under multitudes of evil conditions, I drove my consciousness,

wu qu  xun zhuan, cong ci ji ji,

五趣循轉  從此積集

Into convolutions within the five realms,

ba wan si qian, ren jian guo fei,

八萬四千  人間過非

And I accumulated 84,000 wrongs,

wu e bu zao, shi yu jin ri,

無惡不造  始於今日

Sparing no evil. From this day on,

sheng  cha shen xin, pi chen fo qian,

省察身心  披陳佛前

I will examine my body and mind, and reveal all wrongs before the Buddha,

zong yuan xiao mie


and I am determined to eradicate them all.

Namo pu xian wang pu sa mo he sa

南無普賢王菩薩摩訶薩 (三稱三拜)

Homage to the King Bodhisattva Mahasattva Universal Virtue (repeat 3 times with 3 prostrations)

( 長跪 合掌)

(Bow 90°w/ hands in Buddha Mudra Straighten body w/ hands in Triangle Mudra All kneel w/ hands in Angali Mudra)

Click here to hear incantation by Ven. Sakya Longyen.

Written by Sakya Longyen
Huayen on Indra’s Net


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