Saying Grace 华严道场 二时临斋仪

Saying Grace before a Meal

To the lotus-adorned treasury oceans of worlds, I offer this meal.
To the ocean assemblies of flower-adorned buddhas and bodhisattvas, I offer this meal.
To the Buddha Avatamsaka Mahavaipulya Sutra, I offer this meal.

This food is light, pure and prepared according to the Dharma. It contains all six tastes and I offer it to the Buddha and the Sangha. I hope all sentient beings in the Dharma realm will take this meal with me.

When we eat, I wish that all sentient beings will take meditative joy as nourishment and feel the bliss of the Dharma.

Ending a Meal

namāh saptanām samyāk-sambuddhā-koṭināṃ tadyathā oṃ cale cule cunde svāha

He who truly gives for happiness’s sake will reap peace and happiness.

I have finished my meal. May all sentient beings complete their tasks according to the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Giving money and giving in kind have the same merits. Both are dana-paramita, complete and perfect.

華嚴道場 二時臨齋儀

供養 華藏莊嚴世界海 華嚴海會佛菩薩 大方廣佛華嚴經
三德六味 供佛及僧 法界有情 普同供養
若飯時時 當願眾生 禪悅為食 法喜充滿

薩多喃 三藐三菩陀 俱胝喃 怛姪他
唵 折隸 主隸 準提 娑婆訶
所謂布施者 必獲其利益 若為樂故施 後必得安樂
飯時已訖 當願眾生 所作皆辦 具諸佛法
財法兩施 等無差別 檀波羅蜜 具足圓滿

Written by Ven. Sakya Longyen
Huayen on Indra’s Net


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