The Buddha within us 心佛众生

“Jay Bhagvan,” “Victory to God,” “Glory to the Highest,” “Hosanna,” “Blessed is He who has come in Thy Name,” are some of the praises we honour the Supreme Spirit. Different religions may have different ways of hailing the Supreme One or some higher deities, but the underlying meaning and purpose are the same. In the Huayen tradition, we honour One Supreme Spirit (paramātmā, God, Over-soul, the Way, Noumenon, bhutatathātā, tathātā, Truth, Reality, hrdāyam, Heart, Essential Nature, the label does not matter). Since the Supreme Spirit is omnipresent, it follows that this highest spiritual potential exists within all beings.

In Buddhism, when one is initiated into Buddhism, one says Namo Buddhāya or Buddhāya Namah, which translates as “To the Buddha I take refuge.” Here Buddha refers to the historical Buddha Sakyamuni. Next, one chants, “To the Buddha within my nature I take refuge.” This second chant is the recognition of the highest spiritual potential within us and expresses our intent to fully develop and realise such inherent qualities. Such is the basis of all religions.

What happens when we honour our Supreme Spirituality? What is the effect of putting our faith in the highest source? Today we seek to relax our body, mind, and spirit through various spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga. To relax is to lay everything down, to let go of oneself, and to give up material comforts and attachments that hinder the realisation of our highest spiritual potential. Spiritual relaxation requires a very deep letting go, relinquishing control of both body and mind, and putting our trust in the highest source. By deeply letting go, we can experience a profound inner peace, equanimity, and silence.

Written by Ven. Sakya Longyen
Huayen on Indra’s Net


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