Shopito, ergo sum

Cogito, ergo sum
True to Descartes René
Shopito, ergo sum
True to us all today.

How much am I really worth?
People count my material wealth.
Louis Vitton, DG, BMW, Mercedes
I shop, therefore I am.

To all the sellers I ask,
Where do I buy spiritual health?
Apple, Dell, Fido, Bell,
Such is the noise of material wealth.

How much is a nation worth?
The world measures her GNP.
Politicians, philosophers, religionists, scientists!
Which one of you truly cares
If all the people in the world are happy?

Have I ever heard of GHI?
Am I spiritually healthy?
Am I a part of humanity?
Do I love mother Earth?
Or do I cause her pain?

We will find the answers within
If only we stop shopping!


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