Our Only Choice

A new vision for the long-term survival of humanity and the Earth

Copyright © 2010 by Haiyun Jimeng 海雲繼夢著
Translated by Ven. Sakya Longyen 釋隆嚴譯

Years ago, the greenhouse effect aroused concern everywhere. Nations around the world started working vigorously on environmental protection. However, we keep pursuing economic growth while promoting environmental protection. None of us realize the main cause of world disasters is the pursuit of economic growth, a completely wrong idea. If we do not stop pursuing economic growth, environmental protection is just like a drop in the ocean and will not make any difference.

In this book, the author presented a new concept, Economy of Spirituality, to replace economic growth. In doing so, we will be able to stop exploiting the earth. We will be able to excavate inexhaustible treasures of the mind and transform fear, greed, and trouble into harmony and happiness. Implementing economy of spirituality is the only way to increase the chances for long-term survival of humankind and the earth.

Haiyun Jimeng is a thinker, scholar, speaker, and religionist. He earned a college degree in Economics, and worked for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan after graduation. He witnessed Taiwan’s economic miracle in the 80s. However, during the time of Taiwan’s economic take-off and social transformation, he saw that pursuing economic growth contradicts human nature and arouses social conflicts. He chose to resign from the ministry immediately and dedicated himself to spiritual enlightenment.

In this book, the author shows not only his wisdom but also his mercy. We sincerely hope that Our Only Choice may inspire and awake you during this chaotic age of natural and man-made disasters.

Published by Kongting Publishing Company Ltd.
3th Floor, 1180 Chung Cheng Road, Chungho, Taipei 23586 Taiwan
Tel.: 886-2-32341261
ISBN 978-986-7484-47-5
Price: USA $19.95   CDN $20.95 HK$95 NT$350


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