No forms exist in emptiness 空中无色

The Hṛdayam Sutra says, “Forms are no different from emptiness; emptiness is no different from forms. Form are emptiness; emptiness is forms. … Therefore forms do not exist in emptiness”. It is very hard for us today to follow the logic of this ancient scriptural language because if forms are no different from emptiness, then why doesn’t it follow that forms exist in emptiness?
The language of the Sutra can be translated in today’s language as follows: Form is hardware; emptiness is software. Hardware is what you can see and touch. Software is its functions. No hardware will run without software applications, but there is no hardware in any software applications,therefore no forms exist in emptiness.

心经云色不异空、空不异色、色即是空、空即是色 … … 是故空中无色。色既然是空,为何又说空中无色呢?这是我们现代人很难理解的。试把古代的经典语言模式翻成现代语言模式。空是软体,色是硬体。硬体为相,软体为用。无软体则硬体不能运作,但软体中无硬体,是故空中无色。


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