Om Mani Padme Hum o.m唵 ma麼.ni抳pa缽dme訥銘(二合)huu.m吽

The four-armed Avalokitesvara

The Taisho Tripitaka Vol. 46 No. 1955, the Collection of Essential Doctrinal and Tantric Methods for Achieving Perfect Enlightenment says, “Next chant the Six Syllables Great Brightness Mantra 108 times as follows:  om mani padme hum .

Wherever you chant this mantra, immeasurable Buddhas, bodhisattvas, divas, dragons, and other dharma protectors will congregate before you. You will possess the power to enter immeasurable Samadhis. You and seven generations of your family in your ethnic group will be liberated. Even the worms inside your body will become bodhisattvas. With each passing day, you will possess the merits of the six paramitas. You will become infinitely eloquent and immaculately wise. Whomever your breath touches will be cured of the poison of hatred and will become bodhisattvas. You chant this mantra once and your merits will equal those of all peoples in the universe who have attained the status of the seventh stage of bodhisattva. This mantra is the sublime, bright, and true paramahrydayam (primordial heart) of Avalokitesvara. If you write this mantra, your merits will equal those of copying all the sutras in the Tripitaka. If you write even on syllable of this mantra, your merits will equal those of building as many Buddha statues with gold and precious stones as there are atoms in the universe. If you know this mantra, you will not be hindered by greediness, hatred, and delusion. If you carry this mantra on your body, you will not be greedy, hateful, or deluded. All the sentient beings that you touch or see will become bodhisattvas and will never suffer from birth, aging, sickness, and death. This concludes the explanation of the Six Syllables Great Bright Mantra”.

大正新修大藏經 第四十六冊 No. 1955《顯密圓通成佛心要集》云:次誦六字大明真言一百八遍。真言曰。om 唵 mani 抳pa缽 dme 訥銘 (二合) hum 吽。

Written by Ven. Sakya Longyen
Huayen on Indra’s Net


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