Dreamers in dreams

Life is like a dream. In our dreams we meet people and we do things and they appear real. These people and things appear in various forms but they are still in our dreams, so we call this “form is emptiness” because these forms neither exist nor non-exist.

Next, let’s say someone we love is also dreaming in our dreams. We want to wake that person up, so we tap on his/her shoulder. Do you think we can wake up a dreamer in our dreams when in fact we are dreaming? Since what we experience in our dreams appears so real, we call this “emptiness is form”, i.e. the state that is neither existent nor non-existent appears in the forms of everyone and everything in our dreams.

So you think that I was talking about our dreams, huh? This in fact is the key to reality in life. What we call reality is but the fleeting moments in our dreams in which forms appear in emptiness and emptiness creates more forms. A Buddhist who knows prajna emptiness knows how this Buddhist tenet works through every facet of life.




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