大哉華嚴 不二法門

As God is Alpha and Omega, so is Avatamsaka. The Mahavaipulya Buddhaavatamsaka Sutra is the first Holy Scripture spoken by Buddha to all sentient beings in worlds in the ten directions, leading them eventually to the Pure Buddhaland of Amitabha Buddha by following the footsteps of Mahabodhisattva Samantabhadra (aka the Hindu Godhead Lord Shiva).
In the Avatamsaka world, there is no distinction between energy and matter, light and darkness, Yin and Yang, male and female, black and white, right and wrong, friends and foes.
Your foes are your saviours. They have acted wrongly against you in order that your own karmic debts are cleared.
It is my sincere hope that everyone understands this truth and peace shall be on earth, and Peace Shall Be On Earth.
Merry Christmas
God bless you all.
大哉華嚴 不二法門 大而無外 小而無內
大即是小 小即是大 大小無礙 一也
是以佛佛相應 心心感召 悲智雙運 法界無礙
心佛眾生 等無差別 十法界不離一念心
佛言: 凡所有相 皆屬虛妄 如露亦如電 應作如是觀
然則萬法唯心造 世人妄作真 故有自然三塗 無量苦惱 五惡五痛五燒 苦不堪言.
沙界蒼生猶未醒 鄰虛寶剎萬莊嚴
隆嚴稽首 頂禮佛足 繞佛三匝 而白佛言
惟願世尊慈悲 賜吾等因力緣力意力願力方便之力
常力善力定力慧力多聞之力 施戒忍辱精進禪定智慧之力
正念止觀諸通明力 如法調伏諸眾生力 如是等力 能除一切三毒之苦
三心清淨 淨念相繼
真誠清淨平等正覺慈悲 看破放下隨緣念佛
法界眾生 同登華蔵玄門
八難三塗 共入毘廬性海
一稱念 盡圓融

我此普賢殊勝行 無邊勝福皆迴向
普願沉溺諸眾生 速往無量光佛剎
南無阿彌多婆夜 哆他伽多夜 哆地夜他 阿彌利都婆毗 阿彌利哆 悉耽婆毗 阿彌唎哆 毗迦蘭帝 阿彌唎哆 毗迦蘭多 伽彌膩 伽伽那 枳多伽利娑婆訶
離婆離婆帝 求訶求訶帝 陀羅尼帝 尼訶囉帝 毗黎你帝 摩訶伽帝 真陵乾帝 娑婆訶
南無喝囉怛那哆囉夜耶 佉囉佉囉 俱住俱住 摩囉摩囉 虎囉吽 賀賀 蘇怛拏 吽 潑抹拏 娑婆訶
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by Ven. M. Longyen Sakya

Show respect to get respect. He who does not respect others has no respect for himself. 对人不尊敬的人,首先就是对自己不尊重。對人不尊敬的人,首先就是對自己不尊重。人々を尊重しない人々は自分自身のための尊敬を持っていません。

Being a good listener and ensuring people know that they’ve been heard are keys to earning public confidence let alone in personal intercourse.

Today, this generation of young people (age 7 – 40) lacks the capacity for respect to authorities, elders, and their own parents. These are signs of social degradation. They are lovers of themselves, narcissists of the worst kind, brought up by baby-boom and post baby-boom parents and grandparents, especially in families with only one child. From very young, the child has been treated like princes and princesses. If not drastically corrected by their own self-awareness, this generation of young people will be bumps and leeches of society, dragging not only its economy down but also its moral standards.

If you are between the age of 7 and 40, ask yourself how well you respect the authorities, starting with your parents* at home, teachers at school, or simply the traffic lights on the streets.

*佛言:欲生彼國者, 必修三福。一者、孝養父母,奉事師長,慈心不殺,修十善業。


夜讀妙法蓮華經觀世音菩薩普門品有感 南無本師釋迦牟尼佛(三稱) 南摩妙法蓮華經(三稱) 南無無盡意菩薩(三稱) 南無觀世音菩薩(三稱) 心無物 馬識途 運悲智 駕前駒 附彼岸 闖涅槃 復降世 度眾生 登玄門 入性海 南無觀世音菩薩(三稱) 我昔所造諸惡業,皆由無始貪嗔癡 從身語意之所生,一切罪障皆懺悔 自皈依佛當願眾生體解大道發無上心 自皈依法當願眾生深入經藏智慧如海 自皈依僧當願眾生統理大眾一切無礙 我此普賢殊勝行,無邊勝福皆回向 普願沉溺諸眾生,速往無量光佛剎 夜讀妙法蓮畫經觀世音菩薩普門品有感 大華嚴寺明智隆嚴識 普光紀元十九年十二月七日 佛曆2560年12月7日 陰曆丁酉年十月二十日(大雪) 於加拿大溫哥華大華嚴寺  

Stop All Forms of Bullying At All Costs

Stop Bullying in the Name of the Law

Link to Samatabhadra’s 10 Universal Vows: Stop All Forms of Bullying At All Costs

I totally agree with the woman who kept saying that they had no right to do what they’re doing to the girl. “You cannot do that!”

I totally stand by the man who pointed his finger at the abusers yelled, “You are hurting her!”

I totally agree with the woman who took down the name of the 15-year-old kid, and said to those so-called ‘law-prevention’ bullies, “you guys should be fired instantly!”

What this video shows is the stark, naked truth that the value of a human being is not worth a piece of candy.

So a 15-year-old stole a piece of candy (and she could be very hungry too) and you, the store-keeper, is like oh, “I’ve just lost a freaking piece of candy. Let’s call in the bouncers and beat up the girl!”

That was in Vancouver, Washington, Okay! Not Vancouver, BC Canada.

You try doing that here in Vancouver BC, be ready to be pinned down by 9 Sumo Wrestlers with sweaty jock strings, you law prevention!



In order to prepare our young generations as future leaders of their respective nations, the Avatamsaka World Foundation exists for the sole purpose of educating all children and youths in secular and Buddha Dharma knowledge, Christianity and other pagan and/or native spiritual traditions and practices.

Ours is an assistive and educational congregation of conscientious and compassionate people around the world in all walks of life with a passion to enlighten, highlight, and discuss matters of urgency related to our generation of young people living in a world of hunger, turmoil, conflicts, and regional displacements.  Scientific advancement in technology has eroded humanity to its very core. Science in and of itself is neither good or bad.  It is a tool which depends on its user to make good of it.  We believe that our only choice is not to further develop the market economy and consumerism but to immediate halt all pilferage, plunders, squanders, exploitation, and wars over all natural resources.  As well, we have no choice but to accept all people, traditions, cultures, languages, race, creeds, religions, and perspectives in order to avoid all conflicts at all costs.  We welcome other world organisations, fund sponsors, benefactors, subscribers, contributors who support our cause to join us either through financial contributions or otherwise volunteering on our virtuous path towards world peace.

The AWF will offer children and youths the opportunity to learn the English, Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin), computer and communication skills, arts & crafts, homemaking, cooking and gardening, permaculture design certificate training & practices, photography, philosophy, and other social sciences and humanities, in addition to a core program in the comparative studies of Buddha Dharma, Judaic Christianity (both Catholic and Protestant), Bahia, Islam, and other pagan and/or native spiritual traditions and practices.  Our attitude toward all religions and spiritual practices is all inclusive.  We make no judgment, none at all.

The Avatamsaka World Foundation is unique in their support of persons with disabilities. We encourage children and youths living with physical and/or mental disabilities to join us.

Venerable Master Sakya M. Longyen is a victim of the psychiatry industry and has been living with mental illness since 21. He has overcome all obstacles, he has stumbled and fell, he has picked himself up all by himself, and has now stood up tall, proud, like a man in the face of stigmatization and discrimination surrounding mental health.  He is a standing member of the Canadian Mental Health Association of British Columbia and has been trained and certified by Strength-in-Unity to bring attention to stigma surrounding and resolving issues of mental illness and the malpractices of the psychiatry industry.

Find the truth. Be the change.

From the Founder and Abbot of Avatamsaka Buddhist Monastery of Canada

Ven. Sakya M. Longyen

Have a nice life!

Buddha Be.

Relationships 緣

Relationships 緣
By Venerable M. Longyen Sakya
Avatamsaka Buddhist Monastery of Canada

Like it or not, everyone must face their past. In any relationship, only when everything is settled before the relationship is consummated.

Buddha Be

Buddha Be

By Venerable M. Longyen Sakya
Avatamsaka Buddhist Monastery of Canada


The Venerable Longyen Sakya did hereby coin the new form of Buddhist greetings.

The Venerable says, “Just say, “Buddha Be!” to each other. “